Organization of business and family festivities

Hunting lodge “Moslavačka priča”

Catering part of the estate „Moslavačka priča“ can serve up to 80 guests.

For such occasions we have adapted and restored a traditional house built in 1927 which was made from centennial oak tree. Here you can taste Moslavina and wildlife specialties, barbecue dishes, spit – roasting meat or dishes under peka and enjoy indigenous Moslavina wines.
Celebrate your family anniversaries, business lunches, birthdays, baptism celebrations, first communions, confirmations and other events.


Organization of events

In hunting lodge Moslavačka priča you can celebrate important family anniversaries, birthdays, baptism or confirmation celebrations and many other events.

Organization of weddings

Moslavačka priča turns your dreams into reality. A magical wedding in beautiful nature will make a couple’s dream come true. If you choose a hall in the heart of the forest or the one by the pond, you definitely won’t make a mistake because of beautiful and enchanting nature. It will be a day to remember. Our staff will make sure to fulfil all your wishes.

Team building

Replace your hectic everyday life with business gatherings in beautiful natural surroundings.

Recreational programmes that we offer like tennis, table tennis, hanging bowling, boat ride on a lake, photo safari, wine degustation on a nearby wine road will help you truly build your teams for new business accomplishments. If you wish to experience the magic of nature and its beauty and re-charge your ‘’batteries’’ for the following week, COME TO MOSLAVAČKA PRIČA.

Sunday lunch in Moslavačka priča

On Sundays we organise lunches, Moslavina table (self -service) is served from 1 to 3 pm. We offer different Moslavina and wildlife specialties. Soup is served on tables, and at Moslavina table guests can choose meals they want and as much as they want. Some of the meals at the table are: venison sausages, venison pate, pumpkin pate, homemade trganci (pasta) with bacon and onion, venison in prune sauce with steamed dumplings and much more…all sweetened by cakes made from our grandmas’ recipes. After lunch you can take a walk over the estate, see the pond with carp, take a boat on a lake, enjoy sports contents of Moslavačka priča, take a walk in the forest with wild animals or just chat with your dearest ones in exquisite atmosphere of a traditional Moslavina house. Experience Moslavačka priča with all your senses because we offer more flavours, more fun, more gatherings… We are looking forward to your coming!

If you decide to come some other day for lunch, check our Menu (PDF)

Hunting lodge – Fairies’ grove

In Mala Ludina, central part of Croatia, in Moslavina (60 km from Zagreb) in a forest oasis there is a ‘’fairies’ grove – ‘’Vilingaj’’. Far away from everyday hectic life stop the time for a moment, forget all about your worries and let yourselves to the charm of the Gaj forest.

  • Capacitiy: 120 people + open terrace
  • Price: HRK 6,000 (hall rental with completely equipped kitchen)

The capacitiy of Vilingaj is 120 people in covered space and the open terrace in the heart of the forest. The space of Vilingaj is exquisite and special. Gastronomic offer is based on wildlife specialties and traditional recipes of Moslavina, barbecue and spit – roasted dishes. You can enjoy the scent of the forest and let yourselves to nature with all your senses. We work by arrangement for organised groups.