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Sports contents that we offer: tennis court, futsal field, table tennis, hanging bowling, rent-a-bike, a playground where children can enjoy with their parents in greenery and a healthy environment. The nearness of the forest with about 150 wild animals (deer, fallow deer, roe deer, does…) makes Moslavačka priča exceptional. Through the educational trail, you will meet the flora and fauna of our Gaj forest.

Nice weather and good company are an ideal combination for futsal. Near the pond in Moslavčka priča there are two futsal fields. Set your team, take a ball, and enjoy the game…

An artificial grass tennis court is located between the two futsal fields near the pond. You can play tennis even at night under the lights of reflectors. Choose your opponent and let the games begin.

The youngest guests of ours can have fun on the playground next to hunting lodge ‘’Moslavačka priča’’. Swings, trampoline and a slide will surely put a smile on your child’s face. Children can also, in their parents’ presence, take a boat ride on the pond.

Forest is an excellent choice for relaxing and ‘’re-charging the batteries’’ for the days to come. During the walk, you can meet fallow deer, deer, roe deer, and does. Frogs and birds are one of the many inhabitants of the Gaj forest. Do not forget to take your camera and capture some of the most beautiful forest moments.

Did you know that MOSLAVAČKA PRIČA is situated next to the county bike path? And that cycling is increasingly popular in this area? In Moslavina there are a few organizations that promote cycling tourism and there are many manifestations and races in our region throughout the year.

Yes! And we will enable you to meet Moslavina on two wheels by renting bikes during your stay and start an adventure of exploring our region.

Following historical trail – for historic sites lovers

Near the estate of Moslavačka priča, on Moslavačka gora (mountain), there are two late medieval towns (burgs). Burg Jelengrad (jelen = deer; grad = town), built in the 13th century, is situated on the south-western slopes of Moslavačka gora, about 11 km north-east of Moslavačka priča. It is situated on the right side of Jelenski potok (Deer stream), over the valley where, according to some authors, there used to be a road that connected burgs Moslavina and Garić-grad on one side and the nearby Košutgrad (košuta = doe) on the other. Burg Jelengrad was built on an elongated plateau oriented east-west which is considerably higher than the surrounding trench. Exterior defensive walls were built according to the morphology of the terrain, forming an elongated, irregular rectangle with slightly broken lines.

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St. Mary Magdalene church in Čazma is a Romanesque church built at the beginning of the 13th century. It is a triple – nave building in the form of a cross with two bells and the oldest, a high valued religious monument in Bjelovar – Bilogora County. The original church was finished in 1232 in the center of Čazma, which was an important medieval crossroads. The church was devastated during Ottoman conquests when Turkish pasha Ulama bey ravaged over Čazma in 1544. Researches and renewal have started around 1995 and are still going on.

For more information visit Bjelovar – Bilogora County tourist board.

Garić grad is one of the oldest Croatian medieval burgs in middle Croatia together with Medvedgrad. It is situated in the middle of Moslavačka gora near Podgarić. Ban Stjepan Šubić had it built-in 1256. In 1295 it was the center of the old parish of Garić and it often changed owners during its existence. In 1544 the Ottomans conquered and devastated Garić and the monastery with Church of St. Mary and Garić were abandoned. The ruins have been preserved until today and it is a popular excursion site. Numerous and various archaeological items were found in the Garić grad (permanent exhibition in MMK- Mosalavina Museum in Kutina), among which there are very attractive and valuable ornaments of tiled stoves – pećnjaci, considered to belong to Sigismund of Luxembourg’s period of reign.

You can find information about other sites near our estate at the tourist board of Kutina.

Educational trail

Educational trail ‘’Gaj“ is a unique display of flora and fauna which surrounds us and makes this world so beautiful. By getting to know the world of nature we actually find out who we really are.

Educational trail Gaj (grove) (Mala Ludina) is 2400 m long and consists of nine instructive points.

The specialty of this path is that despite the relatively small area it covers, it discloses a very large number of plant and animal species. Most plant and animal species living along this educational trail belong to autochthonous or native species, meaning that their existence in this area is the result of natural processes only, without any human intervention.

The educational trail introduces you to wild animals that have always lived in the area of Moslavina: deer, roe-deer, wild boar. The area of the educational trail is also inhabited by other forest inhabitants such as foxes, hares, badgers, weasels, hedgehogs, squirrels. There are also a few autochthonous animal species such as fallow deer.

Besides mammals, the area of the educational trail is abundant with bird species. Predatory birds inhabiting this area are hawks, buzzards, kestrels, and owls (horned owls). Songbirds are also numerous: great tit, finch, robin, a nuthatch.

Areas next to the water are inhabited by herons and kingfishers.

There are also amphibians such as common frogs and tree-toads. Aquatic turtles and grass snakes are representatives of reptiles in this area.

Plant species are highly developed, and the most important are: oak, black alder, hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, and elder.