How to reach us?

From the direction of Zagreb – from the Zagreb-Slavonski Brod highway exit at the Križ toll station. Follow the direction of the old road to Kutina. Go through the villages: Križ, Novoselec, Obedišće, after the village Vidrenjak turns into Velika Ludina (there is a signpost), go past the church continue straight. At the first turn, turn left (there is a signpost) and at the first crucifix, turn left again.

From the direction of Kutina – exit from the highway in Popovača, continue the old road towards Ivanic Grad, turn right into “Velika Ludina”, go straight, past the church and turn left at the first turn (there is a signpost) and turn left again at the first crucifix.

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Moslavačka priča d.o.o.

Director: Snježana Ožetski ing.

Gaj 3, Mala Ludina, 44316 Velika Ludina

Phone: +38599 241 87 86 / +38598 381 544

Giro account: 2340009-1110536592

Fax: 044 658 917


Working hours:

  • Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 h – 20:00 h
  • Monday-Friday: By appointment!

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